Egypt Private Chaperoned Package

All the wonder of the ancient world.

Belize/Guatemala 10 Day Chaperoned Package (Summer)

Adventure and relaxation await us among lush jungle, white sand beaches, and Mayan ruins. 

Thailand 16 Day Chaperoned Package

Relax on the beach,enjoy authentic Thai cuisine, interact with playful elephants, and be completely won over by the warmth of the people that call "the land of smiles" home.

Iceland 11 Day Chaperoned Package

An amazing gem awaits us in the arctic circle. Iceland's natural beauty spans from coast to coast on this unique island. 

Tanzania 16 Day Chaperoned Package

Everything from diverse wildlife, vast natural wonder, relaxing beach escapes, and a multitude of cultures.

Egypt/Jordan 16 Day Chaperoned Package

Ancient ruins and desert sands await us. From the Pyramids of Giza to the Temple of Abu Simbel to the Great city of Petra, this package is a dream. Camel treks and a relaxing sail up the Nile are just the beginning as we set off to majestic Egypt.