What is the chaperone fee added to each destination package?   Each destination package consists of 3 main elements:  International airfare, trip expenses (i.e. lodging, transportation, excursions, meals,etc,) and the chaperone fee. This fee is calculated at a set rate and is charged per day.

How do I stay connected with my child during the trip or contact him/her in case of an emergency?  Chaperones travel with cell phones and can be reached at any time during the trip. A complete list of trip accommodations is provided prior to departure with each locale's contact info for your convenience. Most accommodations will provide WiFi so that your child can utilize personal devices to contact you.

What documentation is needed?  Traveling with minors across borders requires additional documentation. Forms, along with the description of your child's travel package, will be emailed once your destination package is paid in full. These forms will need to be printed, completed, and presented to your chaperone on the day of departure. YOUR CHILD MUST HAVE THE TRAVEL PACKAGE IN ORDER TO DEPART.

How do I know what my child needs for the trip?  The confirmation email will provide instructions on how to complete the travel packet required for departure, a detailed packing list, complete itinerary, a pre-departure checklist, and a general country overview so that you are able to plan accordingly.

Is full payment due at time of booking?  No. When booking, you will have the option to pay in full or pay a 30% deposit in order to hold the reservation. The deposit is non-refundable.  Account balances must be paid in full 45 days prior to trip departure.  Refunds due to cancellation are possible prior to 45 days from departure .

Will my child be covered for medical assistance in case of an accident or medical emergency?  Anyone traveling with OutInWanderland is REQUIRED to purchase travel insurance. Proof of coverage is a document needed for the travel package.

Are trips co-ed?  Yes. Shared accommodations are assigned based on gender. Your child will have a roommate of the same sex.

Does OutInWanderland chaperone trips larger than 12?  No. Group sizes are kept small intentionally.

Can I travel along with my child as an additional chaperone? Absolutely! Every effort will be made to accommodate you at the same lodging and during excursions, however, you are responsible for all of your expenses. Contact us if you need assistance with booking.

Does OutInWanderland chaperone children younger than 14 or older than 17?  Private chaperone service is flexible. Contact us for assistance.

What are the ages of the chaperones?  Although we have no age restrictions during the selection process, our current chaperones range in age from 26-36.

Are chaperones available at other times throughout the year?  Private chaperone service can be tailored to meet a variety of needs. Destination packages are limited to the Spring/Summer breaks.

Trips depart from pre-selected airports within the US. Is my child required to depart from that airport or can I arrange international flights myself?  You can arrange international flights yourself. The flight you choose must arrive after the flight included in the destination package so that your child can be collected by his/her chaperone upon arrival. An adjustment will be made to the cost of your package to reflect the removal of the international flights and a modification will be made to the chaperone fee.

How are entry visas handled?  Destinations are chosen with visa requirements in mind. As US passport holders, US citizens can enter many countries without a visa or are given the option to obtain a visa upon arrival. If you are not a US passport holder and/or are meeting your chaperone at our destination, it is your responsibility to obtain any required visa for entry. 

Where do I find the full itinerary for a destination package? Full itineraries are not published to the website for security reasons. Your child's safety is our top priority. After securing your child's reservation, a complete itinerary will be provided. If you have questions about the details of a specific destination package prior to booking, please don't hesitate to contact us.