OutInWanderland will customize a trip with your teen in mind. Our destination packages will put you at ease knowing our team is showing your child an unforgettable experience that will create memories that last a lifetime.


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Our Services

Chaperones will meet your child upon arrival at the specified departure city for the selected trip. If overnight accommodations are required prior to a trip, the group will be assisted through check-in and security procedures the day of departure. Chapeones will then assist the group board the international flight and begin their incredible journey. Upon arrival, chaperones will facilitate customs and border control procedures. Accommodation is arranged. Transportation is provided. Activities and excursions are planned. We take care of all the details. 

Trip itineraries are designed to promote a safe experience filled with various activities, cultural experiences, and team building exercises.  Each fun filled day of the trip will help your teen build friendships that will last long after their trip has ended. Although we encourage full participation in all scheduled activities and excursions, your teen can do as much or as little as they choose. 

Private chaperone service is also available if group travel is not desired. A single chaperone will escort up to 4 youth on a private trip. Please contact us for more details.



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Our Mission

"There is a great big world out there. We'll help you see it one amazing destination at a time." 

We want your teenager to learn not only about the countries we visit, but also about themselves. Travel is enriching and empowering. We want to inspire a love of travel early in your child's life. Our destinations are chosen based on their uniqueness, beauty, and vast possibilities for exploration and self discovery. 

Chaperones are there to escort, encourage, and teach. We sincerely hope that upon their return home, your child has a true understanding of the culture they have just experienced, an appreciation for the beauty they have witnessed, and a better understanding of what they are capable of. Their stories will be endless and we hope that, too, inspires you! 




Departures – United States
Group Sizes – 8-12
Chaperones – 2
Trip Duration –  10-16 days
Age Group – 14-17 yrs old
Accommodations – shared



Costa Rica






Departures - June-September


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